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Postpartum is Forever

When we talk about postpartum, we talk about the fourth trimester and about immediate post birth concerns. For many of the postpartum period is immediately after having a baby for maybe the first three or six months. However from a physiological standpoint and a mental standpoint postpartum is forever.  Our bodies change in dramatic way is when we have a baby. Immediately postpartum, women are often surprised how they still look pregnant. It takes time for the uterus to shrink after birth, not to mention time for the bones, muscles and skin to return to “normal.” You may feel like your core is a popped balloon. All the pressure that was helping you generate tension is gone. Your pelvic floor may feel loose, tender, and weak after a vaginal delivery or even a c-section. Over time these improve, especially with the correct exercise and guidance for a pelvic floor PT and a certified pre- and postnatal coach/trainer. It will take longer for you to return than most people initially bel

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